The Benefits of the Harmony Resin Above-Ground Pool ...

The Harmony aboveground swimming pool from Blue Cascade features the ultimate in strength and beauty. It’s state of the art design makes it the perfect choice for any backyard paradise. Featuring one of the widest, true radius, top ledges available and an astounding 54” depth, this pool is the pillar of strength and beauty. Each piece of the Harmony is precisely crafted and features a patented assembly system. Add one of the industry’s strongest warranties and this pool will endure for a lifetime, guaranteed. Every Harmony is produced in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, also manufactured in North America.


the Harmony Resin  Above-Ground Swimming Pool
the story...

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Harmony Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in North America. At 1456 feet in height and some 125’ wide, this powerful feature of nature, blends into the countryside of Hotham Sound. The three tiers of Harmony Falls are so much a part of their natural surroundings that they can only be viewed well from an aircraft or watercraft.




• 54” Pool Height
• 9” True Radius Resin Ledges
• 7” Resin Uprights
• Oval System Non-Buttress Only
• Galaxy Wall
• Resin Plates & Rails
• One Piece Ledge Covers & Foot Covers


5 Year Full


Sizes & Specifications

Round Pool 54"
18’ x 54”
21’ x 54”
24’ x 54”
27’ x 54”
30’ x 54”

Oval Pool 54"

15’ x 30’ x 54”
18’ x 33’ x 54”

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the Harmony Round Resin Above-Ground Pool

the Harmony Round Resin Above-Ground Pool

the Harmony Oval Resin Above-Ground Pool

the Harmony Oval Resin Above-Ground Pool

Galaxy Wall Design

Galaxy Wall Design