The Benefits of the Canyon Resin Above-Ground Pool ...

The Canyon Swimming Pool is aptly named because it also is truly impressive! It features an 8" resin top seat, two-toned resin uprights with unique interlocking two piece caps, and a color coordinated Gray Rock wall design. This pool is beautifully engineered, looks great and will provide a lifetime of maintenance free enjoyment for you and your family. Every Canyon Pool is produced in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, also manufactured in North America.


the Canyon Resin Above-Ground Swimming Pool Benefits

the story...

Located in Baraga County, Michigan along the Sturgeon River flows the impressive and easy to visit Canyon Falls. Canyon Falls drops into a gorge that is quite interesting. The rock has broken along straight line faults, resulting in a very boxy canyon.




• 52" Pool Height

• True Radius Pool

• Wireless Solar LED Light Option

• 8" Scratch Resident Resin Top Rail

• 7" Two-toned resin uprights

• Resin joint plates and foot covers

• Gray Rock Wall Design

• Injected Resin bottom track with integrated lock system

• Round and Non-buttress Oval


4/30 - 30 Year Prorated

Including 4 years full


Sizes & Specifications

Round Pool 52"
15’ x 52”
18’ x 52”
21’ x 52”
24’ x 52”
27’ x 52”

Oval Pool 52"

15’ x26’ x 52”
18’ x 33’ x 52”

Canyon Resin Above Ground Pool Gallery

Canyon Resin Above-Ground Pool Options

the Canyon Round Resin  Above-Grund Pool

the Canyon Round Resin Above-Ground Pool

The Canyon Oval Resin Above Ground Pool

the Canyon Oval Resin Above-Ground Pool

Solar LED Light Option for Canyon Resin Above-Ground Pools

Solar LED Light Option

Ventura with Sundance Floor 20 Gauge 48” & 52” MultiBead

Ventura with Sundance Floor 20 Gauge 48” & 52” MultiBead